Shelf styling top tips

How to style a shelf

Shelf styling is a simple way to update the look of any room by adding a few decorative touches to a bookshelf, hanging shelf or display cabinet.

Whether you opt for a simplistic and modern Scandi style or prefer an array of accessories, read on for our top tips on how to style your perfect shelf.


1. Plan your colour story

By choosing a basic colour theme for your shelf, you can create a cohesive look straight out of an interior design magazine. Think about the colours that already feature in your room’s décor and pick out one or two of these when choosing your styling accessories.

For example, if you love neutral tones, opt for beige and grey alongside complementing muted blues or greens, like this gorgeous Verde gold trim vase.


Green vase on shelf

If you have a pop of colour in cushions or curtains, choose a similar tone for your shelving accessories.


2. Show off feature items

Your shelves are the perfect place to make a statement with unique items and accessories. Because shelf styling isn’t permanent, you can be bold here and really show off your most eye-catching pieces.

Striking silhouettes add to the impact of a shelf but consider whether a shape looks best placed alone or grouped together.


Bronze artichoke grouped together      

These antique bronze artichokes come in two sizes to create an elegant, on-trend look and also leads onto our next tip…


3. Play with sizes

Make your objects feel more intentionally placed by playing with dimensions.

Create depth by adding taller items towards the back, like this vintage hammered glass display jug, with a smaller item near the front (such as the artichokes as above). You could also place some coffee table books on top of one another to create a stylish platform to display your ornaments and accessories on. We love stacking design, travel and art books both vertically and horizontally to create a chic, bohemian look.

Vase display jug


4. Add some greenery

Another great way to add instant style and a pop of colour to a shelf is by displaying plants and greenery. We love artificial plants for this as they call for no maintenance, look like the real deal and last you a lifetime.

You can play with sizes and textures here too by mixing our faux lambs ear spray with a couple of faux pink allium stems for a stunning display.


Faux stems


5. Make the most of storage

Of course, shelving should also be functional. You can have both function and style by adding some baskets to the bottom shelf or simply placed next to your shelf to hide away any clutter. Try adding our seagrass basket for extra texture – perfect to hold blankets for the ultimate ‘hygge’ style.


6. And finally, be creative

Shelf styling isn’t a permanent change to your home, so is a great way to add some personality to a room and to mix things up from time to time. Browse our newest decorative accessories for even more inspiration.


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